February 21, 2010

During the last weekly raid quest and a few heroics this week I’ve seen a examples of whats called Bad DPS.

For example when I was tanking Noth the Plaguebringer in Naxx somebody dropped death and decay before I did. Even though the order was for nobody to attack till I dropped D&D. That could have killed everyone. That’s bad DPS.

Other examples include attacking mobs before the tank does, pulling mobs off the tank, not attacking marked targets (or the mob the tank is attacking), not following kill orders, using AOE abilities as soon as the tank gets to the mobs, not using threat reducing abilities (feign death, fade, shadowmeld, wind shear, vanish) when you do get threat.

Bad DPS makes the tanks job harder, risks getting you ( and the healer if your standing next to him) killed, and makes you look bad. A little listening, patience, and consideration will go a long way in heroics and raids and make things a lot more fun for everyone.

Plus it’ll prevent your tanks from writing NSFW DPS 101 articles on the internet.



February 11, 2010

We need to get the key from Sapphi in order to be able to attempt the weekly raid quest. The video below is a good primer for the tactics needed to defeat this boss.

This Weekend’s Raid

January 20, 2010

We’ve got more players signed up than can actually go. Assuming everyone that signed up shows up a few players will have to benched. Right now we’ve got more DKs signed up than a 10 man raid needs meaning half the DKs that signed up will probably be benched if everyone that signed up shows up. Who gets benched will be decided by the following factors spec, previous performance in guild events, punctuality, and gear (gear being the least important for this raid but if you’re a DK wearing caster gear expect to be benched).

Meanwhile everyone needs to show up prepared. That means bringing food, drinks, potions and scrolls for yourself. Fish feasts will be provided by the guild.

Please take some time to  read up on the raid before this weekend.

Below is a video detailing tactics for taking down the boss for the weekly raid quest.

A Note to DKs

January 20, 2010

I’ve been seeing a lot of our new DKs using all 71 points in just one talent tree of their spec. While thats fine its worth noting that you’ll actually do A LOT more damage putting 14 points in blood if you are specced Unholy or 20 points in Unholy if you’re specced blood.

Blood Max DPS Spec

Unholy Max DPS Spec

There are slight variations of these specs that work as well so see if any of them are more suited to your play style.

Blood  Spec Discussion

Unholy Spec Discussion

P.S. If you’re wearing any gear with Intellect and Spell power on it people will make fun of you and kick you out of groups.

Quick Note About the Guild Vault

December 29, 2009

If you need anything out of the locked or high level items tabs just ask any officer to mail it to you. The only reason access to these tabs is limited is to keep brand new members from ninja-ing our better gear.

Public Service Announcement

December 28, 2009

Quick Note

December 25, 2009

Please take a moment to label your alts that are in the guild. Otherwise any alt you haven’t logged into for  a month will be either demoted or booted from the guild for inactivity. Thanks.