Guild Rules

Guild Chat

1: Be nice. No griefing, name calling, etc etc etc

2: No cursing in guild chat (includes intentional misspelling of curse words).

2: No direct sexual or drug references in guild chat.

3: No begging for gold in guild chat.

4: No racist or sexist comments in guild chat.

5: Rules for guild chat also apply to Vent

Guild Vault

1: Only take out items that you are within a level of being able to use and are appropriate to your class. Anyone who breaks that rule, or is caught selling items from the vault on the auction house will be removed from the guild, blacklisted on this website, and be listed on as a vault ninja. (Good luck getting into a decent raiding guild!)

2: The guild does not make loans to anyone. The guild does however give everyone a daily allowance for repairs.

3: If you need something out of a locked tab ask an officer to pull it for you.


Members are promoted based on level. Long term members will promoted to Templar and be given access to all vault tabs and be able to schedule guild events.


Players that are inactive for 3 months will be removed from the guild.  Active duty members of the Armed Forces are excluded from this rule.

Final Note

The Guild Master has a really low tolerance for players that cause undue drama or act like jerks.


40 Responses to Guild Rules

  1. Tiaa says:


    Our website is great. Thank you,


  2. Shaynana says:

    Rillager and I both have read the rules. My 13yr old plays Rillager at times.

  3. Haxe says:

    I joined this guild yesterday and the help and support of the guild has already been shown to me. I hope this guild helps me more than it already has. I look forward to staying in this guild for a while.

  4. azenkor says:

    i did read the rules as promised
    i see i have to not let my fingers think and type what they may LOL

  5. Becky says:

    Hi, this is Immy 8) I’m looking forward to getting to know everyone!

  6. Shawnda says:

    I love it, great job Eldryn.

  7. Peitad says:

    hey its cool we have a site now. im on a dif account now so this is my new guy im flinndakillas alt kinda

  8. Kakureta says:

    Kakureta- new member to the alliance. Rules read and understood.

  9. Tingert says:

    Thanks for inviting me to your guild. Looking forward to meeting everyone.

  10. asperfan and asperfantoo says:

    Thanks for inviting me in the guild

  11. Daniel says:


    glad I could join.

  12. Kathy ie Cassie says:

    read and understood again. No problem. Great job to everyone who is working so hard to make this a great guild!

  13. Faliana says:

    Read the rules, glad to see there is still respect on the game for others. Love the videos!

  14. Essic says:

    Hi, this is Danzeg.Read the rules and thanks for inviting me

  15. Jackie aka Tairuse says:

    Read the rules, great job Eldryn 🙂

  16. Essic aka Danzeg says:

    Hi!I read and understood again.

  17. Jemadar says:

    Hi all Great Guild read the rules nice web site too, looking forward to seeing you all on the game

  18. Bloodgeyser says:

    read the rules and while I may accidentally cause a few new rules to be added I will not break these.

  19. Geisoric says:

    Hi everyone, awesome rules which my daughters will appreciate :), see you all in game 🙂

  20. Maresana says:

    I have read the rules. Looking forward to talking and playing in game with you all.

  21. Hydrostatic says:

    Alright, everything seems to be lookin good

  22. Piron says:

    Ty for adding me to the guild. Everything seems fair. 🙂

  23. Shawnrules says:

    Awesome job with the site i like it. :]

  24. Andrebella says:

    The rules will be pretty easy to follow. Common sense really. Thanks for the invite 😀

  25. Mistfall says:

    I like these rules, especially the no drama one. I’ve seen too many guilds fall apart for that reason alone. Thanks for the guild invite!

  26. Mr.Ados says:

    nice and easy rules. sweet 😀

  27. aimerai says:

    hey i just joined today… looking forward to lvling in this guild

    draenei holy priest

  28. aimerai says:

    hey again

    just leaving another post to say hello

  29. Tiaa says:

    Miss ya guys…..darn work is killing me….and I hate thieves

  30. TravisCosmos says:

    Hey guys. I’ve read the rules as promised.

  31. TB aka Glyndis says:

    Read it

  32. Josh says:

    Hey it’s Voldar just postng to say that I read and agree to the guild terms. I’m supposed to be deploying this weekend so you may or may not see me for a while depending on my internet access, that is if they don’t change the date. At any rate… see you all online!

  33. Akumae says:

    Read it! Seems fair. Looking forward to getting to know everyone. =)

  34. Anglegirl says:

    Ok the rules are going to be easy to follow thanks for invite

  35. Blackadîn says:

    Hey! I just joined, i’ve read the rules and agree to follow them!

  36. Pam says:

    Hello! Thanks for the invite! Love what I see so far and look forward to some fun in game!
    All the best,


  37. Evan says:

    thanks for the invite into the guild. My first guild so im pretty stoked. GH!

  38. oldmanpop says:

    I just got invited to the guild, thank you for the invite. The rules seem good to me, thank you for having me here.

  39. Aaron aka Pheonixblade says:

    just have one comment to add to this wonderful site, go go go go go go go , Im gonna pull if you dont gogogogo go go go go …:P

  40. Leonz says:

    Good stuff! Agreed agreed agreed! Thx for having me and look foreword to gaming with you guys!

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