Weekly Raid Quest

September 7, 2010

Lord Jarraxus is the weekly. If you haven’t done this one before you should also watch the Northrend Beasts video as Jarraxus is the 2nd boss.


Weekly Raid Quest

August 18, 2010

Razorscale is the weekly raid quest. If you haven’t fought her before please watch the video below

Thats me on a Turtle…

August 3, 2010

This is ICC raid team #1 being silly

Sad But True

May 26, 2010

Weekly Raid Quest

April 13, 2010

We’re headed into ICC to take out Lord Marrowgar. Please watch the video below to familiarize yourself with the fight and make sure to bring a flask of endless rage or frostwyrm with you.

Weekend Fun Run

April 7, 2010

We’ll be playing tag with Onyxia Saturday at 9pm so please check out the strategy video below if you haven’t already fought her before.

Truly Impressive

March 5, 2010

I’ve seen a lot of videos comprised of WoW footage but nothing to date has equaled this: